Saturday, 13 July 2013

Using word sounds to captivate your audience

As a creative copywriter I pay great attention to the words I choose. While meaning and tone are important for effective communication, the sounds of the words themselves can make your copy even more powerful, punchy and memorable.

There are a number of techniques copywriters can use to achieve these effects. Here are just a few.

Putting together a string of words that use the same letters to create a pleasing sound. 
E.g. The blond boy's bedroom was bedecked with blue blinds and blankets

Repeating the same vowel sounds in a sentence for a poetic effect. 
E.g. When he heard the sound, the housebound hound ran round and round and round the lounge.

Repeating the same consonant sound twice or more in quick succession. 
E.g. The flames flickered as they licked the blackened, crackling logs.

Using words that sound like the thing they are describing.
E.g. The kitchen was a hive of activity with chefs slicing and chopping and pans bubbling on the stove.

These techniques are not suitable for every copywriting project, but they are great for adding impact to creative copy.

To find out more about how words can add a kick to your campaign or some pizzazz to your patter, why not contact me with the details of your project.

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