Sunday, 7 October 2012

What are your customers buying?

It’s a question every business should be asking when putting together their sales literature — and it doesn’t have a literal answer.

If you really want to sell your product or service, don’t look at what you are selling — look at why your customers are buying.

For example, when customers buy entry tickets to a theme park they are not just buying a barcoded piece of paper — they are buying escapism, exhilaration and fun. Likewise, when customers buy tents they are not just buying a canvas shelter — they are fulfilling a lifestyle aspiration.

Understanding your customers and what persuades them to buy is the basis of any successful sales campaign.

Start by identifying your main selling points.
Ask yourself, why should my customers buy this particular product or service?

Focus on the product/service itself. What benefits does it offer? What problems does it solve? 

Then look at your Unique Selling Points (USPs).

Ask yourself, why should customers choose my product or service rather than my competitors’ products?

Focus on your product/service specifically. How is it different? What advantages does it bring?

Your USPs are what give you a competitive edge. They are the things that persuade customers to deal with you and not your competitors. 

If you can’t identify any differences or advantages, look at other things you might offer. For example a free gift, price promise, money-back guarantee or trial offer.

Do you need some help to get your sales campaign up and running?

I write the copy that your customers want to read. The copy that empathises with their problems and offers them solutions. The copy that encapsulates the lifestyle they want to have. The copy that understand their logical and emotional needs.

Moreover, it’s the copy that makes what you have to offer something they want for themselves.

If you need some expertly written copy for your next sales campaign, please  get in touch.

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