Sunday, 24 August 2014

Eight good reasons to choose me as your copywriter

Back in April I wrote an article entitled Ten good reasons to use a professional freelance copywriter. This article focuses on why I should be that copywriter.

1. You want to work with an experienced, creative and versatile copywriter
Whatever your project, you need copy that uses the right tone and language for your target audience. 

I have written copy in a wide variety of styles, for an even wider variety of audiences. So whether you need your copy written with formality, personality or technicality, I can deliver.

2. You need ideas and inspiration as well as great copy
Not everyone who briefs a copywriter has a clear concept or strategy in mind. If you don't already have an established brand, or the support of a marketing team, you may appreciate some extra help to conceive and develop the ideas to help you move forward.

I specialise in devising the creative concepts that will support your key messages and form the basis of a strong and successful strategy.

3. You understand that the best copy comes from someone who is passionate about words and language
You need a copywriter who writes with precision, conviction and enthusiasm. A copywriter who understands your vision and whose words can influence and motivate your target audience. 

I love the richness of the English language — so much so that I made it my career! My words communicate with people at all levels, from all walks of life and they do so with clarity, confidence and style.

4. You need a copywriter who understands communication, not just words
Using pictures can sometimes help to explain a concept more effectively than words alone. In today's fast-paced world, time is precious and people are impatient — so it pays to deliver your message as simply as possible.

For example, a message that is very complicated may benefit from an explanatory diagram or pictorial demonstration. It's not a cop-out, it's just good sense.

I am not just a great writer, I am a creative professional with a background in design management and visual communications. I offer all my clients the benefit of this experience and am happy to provide a full communications solution, if the project warrants it.

5. You understand that good copy needs substance as well as style
Some people pay more attention to the way their copy sounds, than to what it actually says. They focus on sounding 'professional' and use lots of big, fancy words. However, when you analyse those words you find they are not really saying anything helpful.

When I write I am all about the substance and I strive to make every sentence count. If it doesn't say something valuable, I won't use it. Simple as that.

6. You need a dedicated copywriter who will invest time and effort to understand your business
Explaining your own business to potential customers can be difficult. When you are so close to the product or service you are offering it's easy to make basic mistakes. 

For example, you may wrongly assume your customers know more than they do and use complex terms and jargon they don't understand. You may neglect to include vital information that is important to your customers in favour of more insignificant technical details.

I take the time to research and understand your business. I will ask you the right questions to ascertain what you do and how you do it. I will also spend time researching and familiarising myself with your field. I then focus my writing on the benefits to your customers and explain things as clearly and simply as I can.

7. You need a website copywriter with the knowledge to help you take your web project further

It is estimated that Search-Engine-Optimised copy only accounts for about 15% of a successful website campaign. The other 85% comes from other things you need to do.

I am an experienced website copywriter, skilled in organic SEO. I also have knowledge of websites and an understanding of how their design and structure can help to boost visits and performance.

Hire me as your website copywriter and you will also receive my free PDF guide to increasing your website traffic. The guide includes 25 free and low-cost ways to improve the performance of your website and attract more visitors. 

8. You want an upfront quote that covers everything your project requires
You need a sensibly priced service that suits your budget and an upfront, all-inclusive quote with no hidden extras.

All Jenny Lucas Copywriting quotes cover up to three drafts of your project. This is usually more than adequate to develop a final draft that fulfils all of your requirements. Providing the work is completed within the three drafts, the price you are quoted will be the only price you pay.

If you are interesting in finding out what my copywriting service can do for your communications, please contact me today.


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