Monday, 11 June 2012

Does your website have a strong call to action?

So you have your new website and it's performing well. Potential customers are finding you via the search engines and Google Analytics is reporting a good hit rate.

But something isn't right. Your bounce rate is too high. The visits are not translating into sales. There are no email enquiries and the phone hasn't started ringing. It's time to look at your website design.

What is the thing you most want your website visitors to do?

Do you want them to call you? To send you an email? To fill in an enquiry form? To subscribe to you or share your content?

To achieve any of these things you need to use a strong call to action.

Are you making it easy for them?

A strong call to action tells your visitors clearly what you want them to do and how to do it. The simpler you can make it, the more interactions you can hope to achieve. Try to achieve it within one action wherever possible.

If you want visitors to call you, make sure:

  • Your phone number appears on every page
  • It is the correct telephone number — no typos
  • The number is displayed in a large font and a bold colour
  • The number is in a prominent place at the top of the page
  • Area/international dialling codes are included
  • You add a line of text to it saying 'Call us now'

If you want visitors to email you, make sure:
  • You don't expect visitors to copy and paste an email address — this is overcomplicated 
  • You use an email button rather than a text link — this gets better results and doesn't leave you open to spammers 
  • The email button is displayed in a bold colour
  • The button is in a prominent place on each page
  • Text on the button tells visitors exactly what to do e.g. 'Send us an email'
  • Clicking the button opens up an email window

If you want visitors to fill in an enquiry form:

  • Think carefully about this one. Unless you have an enquiry form on every page, you will need to direct visitors from the page they are on to your contact page — this counts as two actions and may result in lost visitors.
  • Consider using other methods such as phone and email as well as the form.
  • Keep it simple — don't ask for too much information and don't include endless boxes, terms and conditions as these can be off-putting.
  • Give visitors an idea of when their enquiry will be answered e.g. within 24 hours — and make sure you deliver on what you say.

If you want visitors to subscribe to your mailing list:
  • They most often do so as they are leaving your website, so place email subscription boxes, social networking buttons, AddThis sharing buttons etc at the top of the page near the back buttons, bookmarks and close window buttons.

Need some help?

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