Saturday, 28 April 2012

Editing or copywriting — which service is right for you?

I offer two distinct services to my clients: editing and copywriting. Editing, which is the cheaper option, tends to be the more popular of the two, but is it really the better choice?

What does the editing service cover?
When you opt for the editing service, you supply the copy and I make sure that:-
  • your content is clear and makes sense
  • you have used the right words in the right context
  • the grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct
  • any industry terms are clarified and any jargon is busted
  • your copy is concise, focused and free from waffle
  • your copy is formatted into paragraphs, bullets and headed sections, as appropriate
  • your website text is optimised with the addition of high-scoring keywords
The success you can expect to achieve with an edit largely depends on the quality of the original text you supply.

What does the copywriting service cover?
When you opt for the copywriting service, you supply all the information and I generate the copy from scratch. The benefits of choosing this service include:-
  • a full, creative response to your brief
  • additional creative advice, where appropriate
  • targeted copy that focuses on what is important to your audience
  • competitor research to give your project a competitive edge
  • a fresh and innovative approach combined with tried, tested and proven copywriting techniques
When should you choose to use the editing service?
While it may be cheaper, the editing service is not intended to be a budget option. However, if you are a salesperson with a great appreciation of what your customers need, or a marketing professional following a proven strategy, and you just need a bit of help to get your words in order, editing could be just what you need.

When should you choose to use the copywriting service?
There is really no substitute for copy that is written especially for you in a style that is appropriate for your business and your target market. While it may cost a little more, it is an area that is really worth investing in and which should yield much more significant returns.

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