Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Confusable words - C or S?

Some confusable words sound identical, or very similar, when spoken but have different spellings and different meanings. In these words, the differences are denoted by a single letter difference – either a 'c' or an 's'. 

If you are writing UK English and are wondering which one to use, it may help to remember that the '
c' words are the nouns and the 's' words are the verbs.

or advise

Advice is a noun, advise is a verb. 
E.g. She took her doctor's advice; he advised her to give up smoking.

or license
Licence is a noun, license is a verb.
E.g. Getting his driving licence last week meant he was now licensed to drive a car. 

or practise
Practice is a noun, practise is a verb.
E.g. The worst thing about piano practice is having to practise my scales.

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