Sunday, 16 October 2011

Defining your brand personality

Updated: September 28, 2014

Once upon a time it was a struggle to find alternative suppliers. It often meant wading through the Yellow Pages, trawling the phone book or hunting tirelessly through magazine advertisements. It was a chore most customers could do without, so they put up with poor quality, unreliable deliveries and discourteous service. But then the Internet came along.

For customers, the Internet has provided choices - lots of them – and the range of choice available is growing constantly. According to Pingdom, by 2012 there were 634 million websites on the Internet — 51 million of which were added during 2012.

For companies, the Internet has opened up a whole new way to do business. But with so much competition, having a website only gets you into the race. To stand any chance of winning you also need a strong brand with an engaging personality.

One of the things I ask for in my copywriting brief is a list the words clients think best describe their company. This helps to establish brand values and develop a winning personality. Here are just some of the topics and words you might consider.

Sincere, caring, trustworthy, reliable, ethical, responsible, reputable, honest, moral, righteous, customer-focused, proud, committed, dedicated, high standards, compliant, respectful, family-run, enthusiastic, old-fashioned values, established, high integrity, well-respected

Daring, cutting edge, imaginative, forerunner, trailblazer, innovative, ingenious, pioneering, inspirational, creative, inventive, advanced, modern, state-of-the-art, radical, groundbreaking, revolutionary, radical, current, on-trend, dynamic

Green, organic, rustic, earthy, carbon-neutral, natural, pure, wholesome, eco-friendly, energy-saving, conservational, ecological, environmentally-responsible, recycling, reuse, reclamation, low-carbon, low emissions

Experienced, expert, skilled, skillful, trained, professional, accredited, certified, compliant, industry-leader, masterly, knowledgeable, accomplished, advisory, consultant, specialist, craftsmanship, dexterous, proficient 

Convenient, flexible, adaptable, handy, responsive, receptive, accommodating, while-you-wait, 24-hour service, 1-hour turnaround, efficient, practical, accessible, smooth, user-friendly, intuitive 

Rugged, durable, outdoor, enduring, resilient, tough, sturdy, solid, well-made, long-lasting, substantial, resistant, built to last

Stylish, sophisticated, elegant, luxurious, aspirational, elitist, refined, expensive, indulgent, cosmopolitan, cultured, polished 

Affordable, competitive, economical, bargain, budget, inexpensive, cut-price, discount, cheap-and-cheerful, value for money, good deal, best-buy, price checked, lowest price guarantee

Young, quirky, trendy, contemporary, fresh, vibrant, cool, fashionable, creative, funky, dynamic, enterprising

The terms above are interchangeable and may be used to describe various elements of your business, product or service. Your list may contain words from a range of different categories – they all help to build a useful picture of your brand and its personality.

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